When I Went To Al Seef


The decorative lanterns is what will make you remember Al Seef. I went here last March 2023 when my cousins and sisters travel to Dubai. Finally I am blogging again. So when we went here the vendors put  scarf on my head. It looks so fashionably stylish. I love it so much. 

Look at these vintage plates. The print details are aesthetically pleasing. These are really intricate Aztec patterns.

At the time when I went here it is not as hot as of today. That time the heat is still bearable. You can only see these type of od buildings. The doors are humongous. 

Oh my gosh. Just to bear with the heat. All of us enjoyed the delicious ice cream. Different flavors everyone. I miss it as I am typing this post. I always get the pralines and cream flavor from the baskin robbins.

What an amazing trip everyone. Trips with my family is really heart warming. See you in my next post everyone.

x Alyssa

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