When I Went To Tides By Marea


I went to tides bar before. It is located on the DIFC area in Dubai. What I love about this lounge is that the drinks have this signature look which is like bubbles on the drinks. It is really classy and of course yummy and tasty. I got some drinks from Tides bar which is a classy drink. I forgot how it's called because it has been a long time ago. It is a yellow colored drink and has cute bubbles at the upper part as you can see in the photos.  

I also got a whisky diet cola drink. It's so classy as well because on the side there is a dark chocolate cigar which compliments the drink very well. 

Some of the finger foods that are included  are some oysters, various classic cheeses, some raisins, and some nuts, which are really good while I was drinking with Ate Joana, Charm, and ate Katie. We enjoyed this lounge very much. We hope to come back soon. 

X Alyssa

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