Trip To Bangkok

We went to Thailand before it was March 2023. Actually it was a family getaway. My Ninang also is celebrating her birthday. It was a perfect travel get away. I have never been to bangkok before. So when we arrived there it all feels new to me. I feel like I am in the Philippines. The main difference is that there are a lot of massage centers. Even we arrived at our hotel. There are aunties stopping us for massage salon. 

It was already evening by the way when we arrived. I was tired as usual. I arrived to my room I am just alone which is great. Since there is not much time we went to the night market. I saw some tricycles on the road. It is called tuktuks. Very fascinating and cheap transportation. I ate pad thai for the first time in the restaurant near our hotel. It was really delicious. 

In the next day we have a morning buffet at the hotel. It is a simple and hearty breakfast. As you can see we went to the cactus garden in Bangkok. I enjoyed it a lot and we also visited lots of temples in Bangkok. Don't ever forget mango sticky rice as well. It has become one of my favorite dessert from Bangkok. We also watched some of the most talented elephants here in Thailand. The van that we used is really awesome. There are anime stickers specially Doraemon. Anyways what a blast and I am going to travel again soon and share with you guys and girls.

X Aly 

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