When We Went For A Trip In Tagaytay

I was in Philippines before for a vacation. The following photos are late post. My latest ones will be featured on the coming days. Actually this place is called  Tagaytay. Do you know about Tagaytay?

Usually in my hometown which is Batangas City there is no pine trees. But here it is a bit cold maybe that's why pine trees appears among the area. Or maybe because of the hills. t
There are lots of pine trees. Just that the snow is missing. 

I went to Joe's tavern before when I was in the Philippines for vacation. What a lovely place to unwind. It is different from among the places in the Philippines. I haven't posted this post back then but here it is now.

There are pine trees everywhere but  it is very humid. I was totally sweating. I was with my cousins. We went to that restaurant as we were hungry now. Tagaytay has lots of greenery. So I felt the nature ambiance here in Tagaytay. I really loved the atmosphere here even if it is sunny. You can really feel vibrant. I remember that in this area usually the coconut pies are the best. 

We then explore some more and we got hungry again. So who cannot say no to a croissant. Nobody right? This bakery is so aesthetic. We kind of went to one villa first of my sister's fiance. After going on a trip to the villa, we went to Joe's tavern. We enjoyed some desserts on this very adorable bakery. Finally we went to a mall. There are trees that looks like garden bey. Anyways it was so fun. Stay tuned for more of my posts. 

X Alyssa

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