Weird statues on Yas Bay Abu Dhabi


I came upon these strange-looking statues as I was wandering around the Yas Bay neighborhood. I ate a lot of fine dining with my friends when I was at Yas Bay, so I was really stuffed. So I decide to just take a short stroll and look around for a while. 
So as my companion and I were strolling, we came upon these strange-looking statues. They are enormous, whereas I am a tiny person. It is simultaneously strange and amazing. 
Watch this scuba diver, please. Its finger is the same height as me on one side. However, I am unable to take pictures with it since it is already dark outside. The statue was intended for me. If only Abu Dhabi were my home. I'll create another video and then return. Let's look ahead and see. 
Another statue, of an astronaut, is located nearby. Massive as well. It kind of has a cool look. Since the trash can is the same size as the shoes, you can see how big it is from the side. Since I am close to the statues, it is clear that this area is not particularly populated. It's all done for now. I do hope you liked it. Watch this space for the next.

X Alyssa 

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