Kunafa Ice Cream At Cold Stone


Have you ever tried cold stone ice cream in Dubai? In Dubai there is a rare delicacy of sweets that is called Kunafa. If you live in Dubai you cannot live without kunafa. Actually this is my favourite sweets here growing up. When I found out that there is a kunafa flavored ice cream on the cold stone. Me and my sisters we came running. Of we go to eat this awesome ice cream.

What is Kunafa? A common Middle Eastern dessert known as kunafa is made from spun pastry known as kataifi, which is then soaked in a sweet syrup made of sugar known as attar. Depending on the region, cheese may also be added, as well as other ingredients like clotted cream, pistachios, or nuts. The Middle East is where it is common. Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans all have variations.

Since I am in Dubai the most popular desert here is Kunafa!

The difference is that they have a kunafa flavor! Kunafa sweets is really amazing. The crunchiness of the pastry overwhelms the cold creamery. Yes the mozzarella cheese stretch is the best.

It makes me want to eat ice cream again. I wonder how I can make a keto version of this ice cream. I will check and try. 

X Alyssa 

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