Spicy Noodles and Cheese cake


Did you know where we ate again? Well you guessed it right. In the asian convenience store. So here we are again at the We Mart. As you can see how yummy are the cheesecake here in the Chinese store.

Yes noodles are healthy when chef cooked it live at show. Usually noodles has a bad reputation everywhere. That it is unhealthy that it is a junk food. But first I want you to look at how yummy the cheese cake here.

As an filipino we eat noodles every time. Do you know how to make it healthy? Usually we add mung bean sprouts. We add some herbs, healthy spices in there. We add our meat! We add our fishes. In my experience, in the restaurant the noodles are fresh. If I cook noodles at home the noodles are fresh.

While if you buy a packet of noodles in the store, you can add vegetables and herbs, meat and spices to make it as a complete meal. Now the noodles are healthy right?

Yes we ate some sweets, like cheese cake as well. Cheese cake can be really sweet. It is different with this version. Because it's not cream cheese cake. There is a floss of cheese in the cake. Very interesting delight. Everyone should try it I guess.

Eating noodles while it is piping hot is perfection. But you know me and my small sister got the spicy version. Actually I am not good in eating spicy foods. I also got an appendicitis before already. But still we ate this spicy noodles. Both of our faces are red. While my Mom and Dad just ate the salty version so they're fine. But really it was as spicy as hell. 

X Alyssa

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