POV I ate Bonchon in Dubai

What do we do when we are feeling hungry? We crave something familiar in our hearts.

Something from our hometown but I am not from there though. Something like a savory chicken. This is the signature dish of Bonchon. How long am I craving for this food?  It has been so long since. Ever since I have tasted this in my mouth. It keeps me from craving it. Yes we are here eating it again. 

POV you eat at Bonchon in Dubai, the original korean fried chicken. Why do we always come back and eat at this restaurant? What does Bonchon means? If you translate it. It means "my hometown".

Well, not only that the chicken is so delicious. When you eat it, you can taste the spices inside the juicy chicken, with the crispiness of the chicken. As for me I can explain the spices as, sweet, spicy, tangy, and savory. Their sauces are amazing as well. Just from this chicken I am well satisfied. 

What can you ask for more except more kimchi. We also eat kimchi fried rice. The sourness of the kimchi fried rice paired with the sweet and savory crunchy chicken is an endless combination of perfection. It takes my breath away. I wish I can eat this forever.

 Probably we will come back again and eat at this amazing korean restaurant. I will blog it again. 

X Alyssa

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