Have You Ever Tried Takoyaki?

My small sister always like to go to this store. Do you know why? Asian snacks are really interesting with various umami.

I never imagined that asian foods are available in the middle east. Probably the asian convenient store that I have visited in Dubai is called We Mart. Mainly the products here are from China but there are also products from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and of course my ethnicity Philippines and other Asian countries as well.

When asian products are exported to Dubai they are kind of expensive than the previous prices. But anyways we still enjoyed them because there are some products that are on sale and we can just buy it in bulk.

In Asian culture we are heavy on eating fresh uncooked fishes. We also combine the fresh fishes with vinegar for umami and flavor. It keeps the ingredients fresh and to be eaten raw safely, combined with some fruits and vegetables. so without need to cook the food we usually eat uncooked fresh fish with vegetables and fruits as salad.

So whenever I am going to the We Mart there is an aquarium full of fresh fishes like crabs and crustaceans, octopus, other fishes that are still alive. Actually in my other blog post I am going to tell about the fresh salad that we eat next time. Which is called kinilaw.

I am craving right now Takoyaki also known as octopus dumplings. The main highlight of my current post is Takoyaki. This is a fluffy octopus pancake savory snack. Yes, you can find takoyaki anywhere in the world.

By the way takoyaki is a Japanese snack. But to say it simply in English it is called as octopus dumplings. Asian hypermarket just amazes me. Yes I am still in Dubai. But when I went to We Mart convenience store. It's really interesting. It is like I entered in another world. Yes the asian snacks are mouthwatering. 

So besides eating takoyaki we also bought some bread of course. We also bought, boba tea. These moments are simple but everlasting. Cheese in pastry can be sweet as well. 

I hope you enjoyed these mouthwatering foodie posts.

X Alyssa


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