Can You Believe What I Ate At Expo 2020 Back Then?


My dinner in Expo 2020 is pad thai can you believe it. So when we went in little Bangkok that time when we were going around in the Expo 2020. Actually I was so tired walking around that time when we were visiting the Expo 2020. The expo 2020 take up a whole lot of space there are small car taxi there.

Although the Expo 2020 is still operational, the name "Expo 2020" has changed since I last visited. Now, it is known as Expo city Dubai. Nonetheless, if I have the time in the future, I might visit Expo City Dubai once more.

Let's discuss The Little Bangkok now. It's the eatery where we went at the time. Amazing food was served. Indeed, it is costly given that we are in Dubai as opposed to Bangkok.

I'll describe my recent trip to Bangkok in a subsequent post. So today, let's travel back to the year 2020, when I attended Expo 2020. How quickly time passes. Now it is the year 2023, Isn't it?

We also ordered a lot of rice and other appetizers, including chicken pad thai.

While I browse through my photos, I am becoming hungry. You can observe how tastefully our food is presented here.

I would most definitely return to this restaurant if it were to open up again, but I'm not sure whether it is available everywhere, so I'll check.

How shall I put it? The atmosphere was wonderful. Extremely upscale location for pad Thai. Indeed, it's quite tasty. 

I am Asian, but I'm not from Thailand. What kind of asian? Filipino, I guess. But because this dish was so unfamiliar to me, I really liked it and appreciated it.

Please keep an eye out for my forthcoming posts, and I hope you appreciated what I provided today.

X Alyssa

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