Swimming At Night


So here is the swimsuit that my sister Arlyssa gift me. I wore it in my gym's swimming pool. I like it so much. 

So after I went swimming, I use steam bath. That is why my skin is always clear because I use steam bath. I never used anything else.

Before I tried to use sauna but it's too humid for me the temperatures are too much. Anyway it's always relaxing here. I haven't much used the gym because my back usually hurts my form, but steam bath removes my water weight that is why I look very lean. I usually exercise once a week full body workout. Then rest and just take steam bath and swim.

Btw I made a review here in my YouTube you can check it out. Here in my post I am wearing it. Till next time. I also wear it with cover up when I'm done swimming it's sponsored before long time ago you can read my older blog posts.

X Alyssa

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