I Was Invited To A Yacht Party

I went to a yacht birthday party. It was the birthday of my friend. She's like older sister to me she's like 14 years older than me but still they look so young. If you follow me on Instagram maybe you saw me in the Yacht. So here I am sharing how it went.

So I met some of her friends there, some are familiar already like her close friends Doctor and Doctora and her cousin. As you can see we had lots of fun in the videos. 

Also the theme song is her name. *Joana" Anyways usually Charm took all of my photos and I took her photos lmao. About the story. Let me tell you..

The theme is supposed to be pink. So I just wore my old dress from Shein from long time ago. Yes SheIn was my sponsor before as a fashion or style blogger. They gave me lots of clothes before  as a gift just to be featured in my blog. So if you want to sponsor me and for me to review your brands you can contact me through my contact page.

Anyways, I was late to come to her yacht. So I really am was so sorry. After that I'm never late again. When I came everyone is already preparing for the party. The finger foods looks so yummy. Of course my favorite was the cheese. I bring 2 boxes of pizza from my share. It was so fun. Really when you're with Filipinos everyone is always happy. Yeah we also have some blonde friends from algeria and some pakistani friends they're fun too.

The music was on fire. But since the boat has a strong wave, the boat is I bit jiggly. We spent 3 hrs on the boat having fun. It was so worth it. Then since the hours was not enough. We went to the after party for 1 hr in the house of fashion's place Mommy Ruby's she sells her own brand of amazing clothes. After that I went home. What a blast!

X Alyssa

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