How I Welcomed 2023

So about my new year. My sister Aimee really want to experience to watch the Burj Khalifa view in the new year. 

I already told how excruciating it will be. But since I am me. I am up for a challenge always. 

I thought there is a brunch at secret garden so when we went there at 3 pm it was cancelled so I just took 1-2 photos since the view was amazing.

Then we head inside the Dubai Mall. We ate a dinner at the food court. We go outside. And we found a great spot to watch the Burj khalifa fireworks outside. We actually reached home at 2 am. But it was amazing. Anyways I did not share here the fireworks video because you can see it anywhere anyways. But what I did was I enjoyed it in my eyes.

X Alyssa

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