Come With Me In Mangrove Beach


In the Christmas before, we went to camping in the Mangrove beach I was with my sister Aimee and her best friend. 

So, when my sister hangs out with her best friend I also come. Besides we got nothing to do in the Christmas. So it was really fun.

First we set up our camp tents. I have no idea how. But these 2 girls know how to set up the tent.

Then we did grilling and the sauce was on fire. Korean sauce taste so amazing.

Since it is cold we set up the camp fire. We did grilling of marsh mallows. Christmas was so fun.

All night we were having a great time with everyone. It is a family camping. I was with Aimee and Hana in the tent.

The nature is amazing. But yeah at night it rained. My pillows got wet a bit  but that is fine.

In the morning my sister practiced driving. She was so scared to drive. Then we watched the swans nearby.

We went home.

X Alyssa

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