When There Is Scarcity You Realize It's Value

Right now it is the holy month which is Ramadan here in the UAE. It is a time for reflection among Muslims. Since I am currently in the UAE it's the Muslim country. I always say to myself whenever I go out that everyone is fasting. Right now in this current month. As it would be disrespectful if I eat or drink.

Although this land observes other cultures and religion openly. If I go to the mall and go to restaurants, people everywhere eat their food. Before it would be lawful to eat before the iftar. But nowadays it is okay.

Since Ramadan is our theme today I am wearing an abaya here in my post. I only wear this as a costume or if I will do a role as an advertising actress. Well anyways see you later everyone and I hope you love it and see you on my next post. 

X Alyssa 


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