Finesse In Black Dress


This is the type of dress that I like to wear all the time. Monochrome is the best color to wear as it is effortlessly elegant in all moments. Black is elegance and sophistication. 

Black is simple and mysterious. It is stolid, enigmatic, cunning, and beautiful. Monochrome is me when I wear it. In all moments, I am mysterious, a puzzling one as I wear a black dress. 

Monochromatic hues is intelligence. Yes I have knowledge about science. Black monochromatic tones is science. I wear this dress. I am intelligence. I am science. Science is puzzling and mysterious. It is beautiful in all moments. 

This black dress the like the void. Black dress is peaceful. I love to wear this. It is a staple in all wardrobes. Now, how to wear black dress? To create a monochromatic hue. Easily wear the black dress in combination with the black shoes. 

X Alyssa

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  1. You are so flawless! You can never go wrong with a black, chic dress like this one! Have a lovely weekend!
    PerlaGiselle |


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