Grunge Red And White


I was happy that I did portfolio shooting before on October 2020, 3 months have passed already. It was with Sevtap. The whole shoot was only for the couple portfolio. It turned out so well as the Make up artist was very talented Madam Mariam Saeed. I asked what is the look that she is doing for me and she said she want me to look like a Barbie. Well yeah my eyes always turn out to have smokey eyes look.  As it always suits me. It is not yet winter that time. As we are in the desert the climate is so warm and humid. Unlike today that the weather is very cold. 

Anyways I had a lot of fun even if it took the whole day to do this event. 6 news organized this event along with the direction of celebrity photographer Sir Nasir Mughal. I did not really interact with my co model here as she do not speak any English. Since she is Turkish Russian. But such a nice event and her sister is accommodating along with Kat. Anyways what a nice photoshoot. 

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