Yellow Halter Neck Dress That Shines Light

There is a saying that is; “I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love.” – Conor Oberst.  This dress screams that message. There is really something about a yellow color. It is just so adorably bright it makes me happy even if I am in a bad mood. 

Not only what I am wearing in this look, but most outfits that used a yellow color gives off that vibe for me. So I would want to wear more yellow outfit as each days goes. If it makes me happy already, then it would be like a contagious chain that affects everyone in a good way isn’t it? I would love to experience that. If everyone will be cheerful then I would definitely wear this outfit. 

Not only that my yellow halter neck dress feels cheerful to wear. Of course it fits me perfectly as well and I love it so I would repeatedly wear it for some time. The wrap string that is like a belt cinch my natural waist which shows off my natural curviness. Like for other days when I feel like it I would definitely wear it as my fave dress.

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