Autumnal Floral Trench and Booties With Avant Garde Leather Skirt

 Have you followed your bliss lately? Slowly the economy is adapting to the current pandemic. Mostly I am staying in the house only, sometimes I go out for a walk or when I buy groceries. The mall is open here in Dubai which is nice to go to rather than the house. Other than that mostly I don’t wear mask at home. I have asthma before but since I exercise regularly it has been gone. When I go outside, I am not used to just seeing people with masks on. I prefer without as I cannot distinguish their micro expression and body language thoroughly nowadays. Yeah body language I can but micro expression would be harder to see. Anyways, I would want that the masks will be gone. About finding your bliss, have you done the things that is true to your bliss lately? I sure love to wear this rose Trench Jacket and this Leather Skirt and Rose Boots. Aha my sister finds my style weird but find your bliss. Am I right? 

x Alyssa

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