Jacket that is embroidered by Blossoms


"I learned to blossom

Finding sunlight in the grey

Knowing I will be okay

I learned to blossom

Finding sunlight in the grey

Flowing lifeline with no rain

I blossom”

- By Kerli

In every tragedy there is a lesson to be learned. Transform your tragedies into salvation. You always blossom from within. Answers will be clear when you understand in time what it all meant. Every moment is an amazing experience to unfold. There is an aha moment always as you realize. Go from within and you will understand. The jacket that is embroidered by blossoms makes me attached to this message. It goes so well with the bodysuit and black joggers. I hope this message inspire you. 

x Alyssa

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  1. Ah indeed what a beautiful jacket! And it looks wonderful with the peep hole top; I just love it!

    Allie of

  2. Your jacket is beautiful! Have a wonderful new week!


  3. Hello
    It is indeed a beautiful jacket !! And, a beautiful inspirational poem !!



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