NewChic Summer Sale 2020

Today it’s summer. Beaches are open in some areas, of course we still need to wear some masks but I am happy that we can go out now. There are some countries that we can travel to now as well, but you have to check whether it is safe to go. Moving on, I will share some of the most coolest summer shirts for guys. There is a flash sale going on and here are the following details:

Time: Pre-sale:6th July -- 13th July

    Crazy Shopping: 13th July -- 18th July

      Thank and Reward: 20th July -- 27th July

The big flash discount for this summer sale activity is:

Free Shipping Coupons✓

US$0.99 Flash Deals✓

US$9.99 Free Shipping Seckill✓

Flash Deals Up to 90% Off ✓

I have selected designer shirts men from New chic. I adore bright colors and floral patterns. When a guy have a good physique, this type of clothes that are form fitting really gives off more handsome vibes.

Especially the mens floral t shirts, printed shirts for men, and colourful shirts that could be worn so casually open. There is no need to add layers underneath since the weather is very hot. Those sexy muscled chest and 6 pack abs are not meant to be hidden during the summer. 

Now the cargo shirts for men is for skinny guys that could wear another layering underneath. Like some white shirt or other colored plain shirt. It would be a great combination as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer. I feel the summer vibes.

x Alyssa

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