My Trip to Global Village Dubai

I visited this Friday Global Village Dubai. Out of nowhere, my Mom proposed for us to go here. It is already the year 2020. Me and my sisters where quite happy because we are so bored at home. If you are wondering where this fascinating place is located. Well, it is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Dubai. It is fascinating going in this amusement park in Dubai because in Global Village it combines over 90 countries across the world at one place. 

But it is a long walk going through different countries would take a lot of energy, luckily there are loads of restaurants ahead. If you are wondering how much the entrance fee in Global Village Dubai, it Is very affordable as it is only AED 15 which is perfect to enjoy the weekend. I noticed as I go through different countries in Global Village that there are dance performances which make it livelier. By the way I want to recommend a radio app Current Music, where you can earn various rewards and they have cool stations to listen to. I did a post here. Rare products are offered which you cannot find elsewhere. Food stalls are delicious, they offer a wide variety of food. There are even floating boat food stalls, amazing really. 

It is not yet that hot here, that is why the Global Village is still open. If it become summer, likely after 2 months it would not be great to go here. If you are a tourist or looking into going to UAE. It is a must to go to Global Village. Someday I would visit Greece, Cartagena, Game of Thrones Destination. I have already been in Singapore tour before.

x Alyssa


  1. Nice comfy outfit for a day trip.
    Love your pics.


  2. It seems to have been a really cool experience!
    I loved the photos and the places! ♥

  3. So cool experience, love the Photos



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