Minimal in Heart Shaped Sunnies

I feel a surge of calmness and warmth as I gaze the view of the wholeness of the park. The trees provide an earthy surge in inside. The clouds are always pretty to look at. The grass embedded the ground is like a carpet that naturally hovers affixed with the soil. Through my heart lenses, the pinkish hue makes the shade in darkened red. It is likely when the sunset comes, this specific shade. The benches are just available if I need some rest. When you sat by near the earth, there is an eerie feeling. A vibe that my shelter is not only my body but this whole vast nature. The grasses just feels so nice as you seat below, since it is soft and fluffy.

Since it is not cold anymore, wearing this off shoulder is just perfect. A basic casual minimal look paired with a bold heart shaped glasses is what I randomly like and, in the mood, to wear in this time. This particular look is best for outdoors. When I get lost in the nature or park, or sometimes in a scenic architectural city of buildings you must do it with every style. I will continue to be in different places. Different looks as well. Moment by moment everyone changes by look and style. Thanks for reading. I would post more from now on.

x Alyssa


  1. I love those sunglasses so much!!! I have a black pair of heart shapes ones but these are much cuter!! x


  2. Wow! What a great look! Very nice!

  3. Stunning look! Wish I looked this good in sun glasses :-D

    1. haha wear and I will see maybe you look good as well ;)

  4. These sunglasses are so cute. Beautiful post lovely xx

  5. Such a fun accessory!

    XX Angelica

  6. You look so beautiful!
    // Sif

  7. Lovely look. Your sunnies look beautiful.
    Gemma x


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