Gardens By the Bay Singapore Tour

On the third day of my tour in Singapore we went to Fort Canning Park. The view was calming with the nature. There are loads of trees and I discovered for the first time their national flower which was beautiful. Singaporeans are very proud of their heritage. They use their national flower also in almost all of their beauty products as I have been keen to observe. The hiking in the park was so tiring. I was sweating profusely even in the beginning. But the experience was worth it. My legs were tired as I walked in an uphill battle. 

Then we went to Library Orchard. I was laughing all the time. Probably because I am wasted to the fact that we walked for so many hours without rest. I told you also about that I observed that as a tourist Singaporeans are friendly and they love to take photos. One girl approached me in the library and asked “Where are you from?” I answered. Then, she asked me to take her photos with a reading pose. Also another one guy asked me to become a photographer for him in the library. But of course everyone knows that this is an iconic place. Maybe that is the reason why it is an area wherein a lot of people take photos. I was feeling that the ambience is funny since it is suppose to be quiet, and so many people are taking photos. Oh well, this is life. You must capture everything that is memorable.

As my hunger strikes. We celebrated my sister’s birthday in Marriot buffet. The food is very delicious. Lastly, you have to save the best for the last. Gardens by the Bay was the last destination. Compared to Miracle Dubai. In my opinion, Garden by the Bay won. The flowers are so majestic, really. I cannot put it into words. Nature is beautiful. I hope you enjoyed my tour in Singapore with my family.

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x Alyssa


  1. Incredible photos, This library is stunning <33333

  2. A great post! I love your blog < 3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  3. The print of your dress is so unique! The light fabric is nice to wear in the heat.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  4. Love all of these cool pics! Would love to visit that library. Your dress is so pretty with all its bold colors!

  5. Mons, kagaganda ng pictures mo! Yung Nikon pa rin ba ang gamit mo?

  6. Gardens of the Bay is on my wish list for visit for such a long period of time. But photos from library are breathtaking. I definitely need to visit it. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  7. Hi
    The photos are stunning, the garden is so beautiful and the library too!! And you look wonderful that's why they ask you to be the model!!

  8. These locations are all stunning!


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