Cut Crease Queen

According to A cut crease is the technique of using different colored eye makeup to cut across the eyelid to form a sharp contrast in colors thus making the eye open up more. This sharp cut is then not blended, forming a clear crease on the eyelid. Clearly my make up look is dramatic route with bold colors as you can see. I hope I inspired you today with my dramatic make up look.
Professional Photography by Nasir Mughal. Cut Crease is seriously genius. I have south east asian lineage, most asians are monolids but I am born with double eye lids.

I have Philippine ethnicity, even my full name is hispanic. Since my grand parents have that of spanish lineage and asian also making it a complicated naturally eurasian spin which is naturally me. Sometimes I look japanese, sometimes I look kazakhstan, malaysian also. Neverthless I am just me being me. Most make up artist does smokey eye on my eyes since its my asset, cut crease makes the eyes open more with the smokey eyes effect as well so this is amazing on look for me.  Another fact about me is that my eyebrows is monobrows if I don't pluck them. Anyways have a nice day. I want to inspire everyone on my cut crease make up look.

x Alyssa


  1. Wow! What a great make up! Very beautiful!

  2. Beautiful makeup . loved the cut crease look.

  3. Wowww this make up is stunning!!

  4. Woahh these eyes! So Cool!

  5. un maquillaje sensacional, te ha quedado perfecto

  6. It is interesting to learn about the cut crease. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥


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